Paul has 20 years of experience as a chef working under Raymond Blanc as well as in other top establishments in Oxford and Cornwall before moving into private service. Most recently he has worked for the Chancellor of the Exchequer at Dorneywood in Buckinghamshire and has catered for events at Downing Street and Chequers.

He insists on using the highest quality seasonal ingredients to produce dishes of outstanding taste and presentation which also have the benefit of being nutritionally balanced and healthy.

Local specialities include;

Ossau Iraty is a classic sheep's milk cheese made in the French Pyrénées in two neighboring provinces: the Ossau Valley in the Bearn and the woodland of Iraty in the French Basque country. Ossau Iraty is made with the milk of the Manech and Basco-Bearnaise ewes - an 'Appelation d'Origine Controlee' (A.O.C) cheese. The Ossau-Iraty is full of a delicious nutty, robust taste if it is produced during the period from June to September when the herds move up to the mountainside. Covered by a thick orange to grey rind, the pâte is white, supple and creamy. It becomes more firm as the maturing period gets longer. Ossau is aged for a minimum of 90 days. This cheese pairs nicely with the local - highly acclaimed - sweet white wine from the neighbouring town Jurançon.

The wine!

Jurançon is an appellation in south west France, near the town of Pau, making both sweet and dry white wines (Jurançon and Jurançon Sec).

The wines have been around since the middle ages, and it is claimed that Jurançon wine has been drunk since the 14th Century, with the best vineyard areas identified and valued by the princes of Béarn and the parliament of Navarre for taxation purposes. This would make it the world's very first appellation, although there have been similar claims made in other parts of Europe!



Local specialities are on the menu and recipes can be tailored to Vegetarian or Vegan requirements. Please enquire.

There are cooking workshops for those of you who wish to learn how to cook the local delicacies.

On a typical day you will be given breakfast, a packed lunch for your outing, along with afternoon tea and cake. Your evening meal is prepared with seasonal, local produce and the wine & beer is included.